More than a Barbershop

by Xandru Fernández, Fernando Otero / Ireland / 19 min.

How a passion for music turned a local old-school barbershop into an icon of the Irish music scene.

Western Jubilee

​​by Donna W, Guthrie, Colin W. Guthrie / USA / 10 min.

Western Jubilee is a documentary film about a private music venue and recording studio in Colorado Springs, CO devoted to traditional cowboy music.

Thank You for the Music

by Spencer Frankeberger / USA / 9 min.

Music intern Kenny shares his love and passion for music with a third grade class but struggles to communicate with a deaf student while he is trys prove to the supervising teacher that his new music activities can make a difference in the lives of these young children.


by Adam Rosenberg / USA / 4 min.

A benumbed couple stumble through life in an abandoned town, while nurturing a child who is no longer there.

Shorts Program Two - Musical Narratives

Screens Saturday June 30, 2018 at 6:30 PM

75 min. total running time

She Became A Thousand Birds

by Juan García-Herreros / Columbia / 5 min.

​​A story inspired by 13 year-old Omayra Sánchez Garzón who was faced with the daunting task of holding on to her life as long as she could and passed the time singing a song.


by Angie Su / USA / 20 min.

When master cellist Ansel Evans discovers he has ALS, he decides to host one last concert for his friends and family, but his decision won't be an easy one to explain to his granddaughter Olivia.

Not That Strong

​​by Gregory JM Kasunich / USA / 5 min.

Official Music Video for the song "Not That Strong" by Gene Micofsky

Shorts Program One - Music Videos

Screens Saturday June 30, 2018 at 5:00 PM

77 min. TRT

Screens Saturday June 30, 2018 at 3:30 PM


​​​by Carlos Coronado / Canada / 4 min.

In this surreal take on modern existence, two masked protagonists seek love in all its forms. An adaptation of Nat King Cole's "Pretend" (1953)  featuring Canadian vocalists Ori Dagan and Alex Pangman.

10 Minutes To Show​​by Joshua DeFour / USA / 13 min.

Punk-rock drummer Charlotte "Charlie" Howe desperately wants to win an Austin battle of the bands competition, but 10 minutes before her band is set to perform everything seemingly goes to hell backstage...


Forty Miles to Macon​by Daniel Espeut / USA / 5 min.

Tyler Goforth’s "Forty Miles to Macon" is the true story of Tyler’s visit to his ancestors is a reminder to us all to seek out our heritage and make every attempt to understand our history. 


by Pablo Mengin-Lecreulx / USA / 4 min.

​​This animation made of 2500 paintings tells the story of a man who tries to run away from his fate. 

Wall Of Death

by Helge Forler / Germany / 2 min.

A meteorite flies to the earth and threatens to destroy an open air rock'n'roll party. Through the power of a "Wall Of Death" the festival visitors can save the party!


by Austin Warren, Colton Warren

/ USA / 5 min.

A hands-on music video from Costello

Out in the Sun

​​by Brice Blanloeil / France / 4 min.

Bored workers are fired from their jobs and protest in a special way.

Freddie Can't Dance

by Ian Reid / USA / 3 min.

​​Due to a twisted interpretation of a federal law, 15 year old Freddie Linden is banned from dancing with his peers in dance competitions.


​​by Farbod Khoshtinat/ USA / 5 min.

A poetic yet cynical image of love in the face of tragedy.

You'll Get It When You're Older

​​by Michael Lindsey / USA / 7 min.

Centering around a young artist from suburban Georgia, You'll Get It When You're Older blends the lines between documentary, experimental film, and music video to explore the racial and political forces that led the narrator to becoming an artist.

Sean from the Rock​

by Max Quill, Alex Riccio / USA / 11 min.

An underground musician from the Rockaways struggles to find time for his life as an artist in the midst of his last semester at college.

The Wedding Song

​​by Thia Schuessler, Rex New / USA / 14 min.

When bride-to-be Mae hits a wall writing a song for her future husband, she solicits the guidance of her musician friend Johnnie, who helps her find the inspiration she was lacking.

by Shaun M. Mathis, Jemonique Miller / USA / 19 min.

A musical about a young father determined to realize his dream; struggling to 'make it' while raising his son. The World sends him down a path that questions his faith and conviction.


​​by Jillian Carney / USA / 13 min.

While on her way to meet her estranged father, Grace gets her dress caught in her bike chain, leaving her stranded on the street and left to make difficult decisions about forgiveness and revenge.

Celebrating The power of music in Cinema


​​by Dan Boord, Luis Valdovino / USA / 7 min.

The project is based on a song written by one of the pioneers of conjunto music, Don Santiago Jiménez. It is performed in this video by his son, Santiago Jiménez Jr.

by Dalton Cyr, Andrew Wilkins / USA / 16 min.

Told through a trilogy of songs, a young man at the height of love and happiness must overcome a personal tragedy, and figure out how to move on with his life.


Music in Cinema film Festival

June 30, 2018 at Synchronicity Theatre

Gold Mine In The Attic
by Aviva Vuvuzela, Ted Pettus / USA / 5 min.

The story of a man who never stops looking for a bag of weed he hid in his parent's attic in 1974.

Shorts Program Three - Musical Documentaries 

Screens Saturday June 30, 2018 at 8:00 PM

82 min. total running time

Arctic Superstar
by Simen Braathen - Norway - 70 min.

Music Documentary

​The indigenous, Samí rapper Nils Rune Utsi - aka SlinCraze - lives with his mother in Máze, a nearly abandoned town in the Arctic Highlands of Norway. His dream is to make a living from his music and maybe even become world famous. The only problem is that less than

20,000 people speak his endangered language.​​

The Emoji Song

by Adam Volerich / USA / 4 min.

Is the modern man overdoing it with the emojis?Actor/singer/songwriter Ben Rauch would argue a definitive YES! 

Stay / Go

by Chetley Breedlove / USA / 7 min.

A story of Emily Nance and the struggles she faces when she must choose between love and the pursuit of her dream.

by Venk Potular / USA / 10 min.

​​A Pakistani-American wannabe rapper and an African-American activist are caught in a furious debate about where art and identity intersect.


​​by Benjamin Strack / USA / 15 min.

A young man overcomes his anger to achieve his musical dreams. 

Sting of the Cactus

by Bekky O'Neil
 / Canada / 3 min.

In this fun-filled slice of musical life, stop-motion animator and cartoonist Bekky O'Neil captures singer-songwriter's Ori Dagan's journey in jazz, from the streets of Toronto to the world stage.

MIC is held at the Synchronicity Theatre

​One Peachtree Pointe

1545 Peachtree St. NE #102
Atlanta, Georgia

The School of Honk​​by Patrick Johnson / USA / 12 min.

The School of Honk is an open community brass band that promotes joy and inclusivity through weekly gatherings and parades around Somerville and Cambridge.

Bud Light Sippin'

​​by J. Gordon Reynolds
 / USA / 6 min.

Music Video by J Kyle Reynolds

Dance into the Party

by Wayne Isham, Chuck Maldonado / USA / 4 min.

The passion for dance and power shine through, within a spirit of respect and profound acceptance in this high-energy Ari B video.

I've Seen You Drunk

by Bryan McGlothin

/ USA / 5 min.

After moving to the big city, Jolene attends her school reunion in Fintucky. But all her friends and ex-boyfriend know who she really is, because they've all seen her drunk.

Almost Kiss-Monsters of Mock

​​​by Eric Willis / USA / 5 min.

A spotlight of the midwest's biggest tribute band in the spirit of spinal tap and kiss meets the phantom of the park.


by Ben Yonker, David Rosen / USA / 6 min.

An engineer creates the perfect companion but a single decision threatens to ruin everything she has built. 

Shorts Program Four - Musical Mixed Bag

Screens Saturday June 30, 2018 at 9:30 PM

73 min. total running time

Broken Lullaby

by Bill McGarvey, Stella Rosen / USA / 3 min.

Animated music video

CatNapp *Come*

by Agus Verrastro, Andres Reisinger / Spain / 3 min.

Music Video for Catnapp. Inspire in the B&W classic concept this music video plays with the rhythm and different moods of a party night.

Brave New World - "Smiley Boy"

by Joshua Shelton / USA / 4 min.

A tiny lady bouts the Heavy Weight Pie Eating Champion at Brave New Bakery.

Soma & Lil

by Nicolas Iordanou, Sylvia Nicolaides / Denmark / 11 min.

Soma & Lil, a cello improvisation duo based in Denmark, rethink and deconstruct the traditional written music for cello, and develop a more personal way of expression by creating singular compositions that are unique and always changing.